Thursday, 3 December 2015

Day 1 Arrival of the machine TM5

It would have been good to start this on December 1. Like 'A month of Thermi' or '30 Days with Theology', but the Thermomix didn't arrive until today and so my journal is starting from December 3, 2015. Why am I journalling this? Because writing a diary entry or noting something on the calendar is just that. A brief notation saying when. I wanted to journal so I can judge my development and show the kids what I've been up to.

So it arrived today about 10.30am, with the consultant in an enormous box. She was really confident unpacking it. I didn't ask how many she'd delivered before mine, but I guess it's a few. Thermi sat on the bench and waited. I'd cut up some vegetables as instructed so we could make some vegetable stock paste to test the machine. The machine was impressive and I got to touch the screen and twiddle the knob. My goodness the stock is salty but it's concentrate so a little bit goes a long way. Then the rest of the documentation was finalised and the consultant left and I was in charge.

Well, what do you cook when you're alone with your machine. I decided on Lentil Hotpot for dinner, and fill in time with a chocolate cake. Then I got braver and made Naan bread, and Tzatziki for John for have with crackers when he got home from work.

'Too easy chocolate cake' The Basic Cookbook
'Lentil Hotpot' The Basic Cookbook
'Naan Bread' aggie94 Recipe Community
'Tzatziki dip' Everyday Cookbook

And I've done the dishes!! It's on like DonkeyKong!

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